• 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs
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Now, you don’t have to go to your ugly Christmas sweater party alone!

This pup is embarrassed about his ugly sweater.

ugly sweater

Love the bones under the tree on this sweater.

sweater tree

Big dogs can just wear your old ugly sweaters.

sweater bulldog

Why not use one of Santa’s finest to make the sweater just, well, ugly. But also, kinda cute.

sweater rudy

What about a hung by the chimney with care sweater.


I love/hate this diy Christmas tree sweater.

Ugly christmas sweater tree

This one! That’s all I can say.


Everything is always better with a friend.



Thanks Granny for this my sweater.


This one is not for the shy.


Finally, I know its not a sweater but look!



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