• 3 Great Reasons to Feed Your Pup Organic Dog Treats
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Why organic?

We get that organic is best for humans. We don’t want to put scary stuff in our body. But is it really that beneficial for dogs too? I mean don’t they eat their own..you know.

Let’s start with why conventional dog treats can be harmful.

Treats that are not organic can contain ingredients that are unhealthy. Alot of times food and treat makers use the cheapest available items to make their product as cost effective as possible. But these ingredients are not always the best for your dog and sometimes can even be deadly.” Last year, there was a massive pet-food recall after a Chinese manufacturer added melamine, a toxin, to pet food, which killed an untold number of beloved companion animals. ” –according to this site

Beside the toxins, think of your dogs nose and taste buds. Dogs can smell such an incredible amount they can identify so many of the ingredients in what they eat. I have found with my own dogs that when I give them a choice of a store bought treats with a bunch preservatives verses some organic Doggie Baggs treats. They always pick the treats with the most simple pure ingredients. AKA Doggie Baggs treats. Your dog wants a more natural food. I dare you to test this out!

Finally, because you know exactly what is in an organic treat, your dog is less likely to have an allergic reaction. If you have a dog with skin issues you know how challenging it can be to discover just what is making him or her breakout. Our organic treats are free from toxic pesticides, fake colors, or chemical additives. These things are the source of many dog’s allergies.

Let’s recap 3 Great Reasons to Feed Your Pup Organic Dog Treats:

  1. NO Toxins or harmful ingredients
  2. More natural and pure taste better to dogs
  3. Less Allergies

Yes, I know they still eat their our poop. But, come on whats more organic then that?!





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