About Us
Composition of various portraits of business people


Pack Leader

Maranda is the owner and founder of Doggie Baggs. Creating a fun business like this has always been a dream of hers. She says, she " never knew the Lord would lead me here but, am so glad He did!". All the treats, toys, and apparel are all lovingly handmade in her Oklahoma home. Naturally, she loves spending time with her three fur babies and husband Casey.

Composition of various portraits of business people


Head Consultant of Treat Tasting

Hazel, also know has Haze, and Hazey Days, has a very picky palette making her perfect for her position here at Doggie Baggs. If Hazel sticks up her wet-nose at a treat it doesn't make the cut. We hope that with her except skills of not liking things that all our treats will meet the high standards of your prissy pooch too. Even though she acts like a princess when it comes to her food; Haze is most happy outside patrolling the land her people own. We are also happy to announce that not a single rabbit, squirrel, mole, mouse, or even bird dare enter the yard when this very vigilante dog is on duty.

Composition of various portraits of business people


President of Toy Testing

Reagan is the newest member of the Doggie Baggs team. Reagan's main job, is to make sure all toys are way fun! She is an expert in toy demolition and also heads up that department. She is wonderful to have around because she is so excited about life. And wants to be right by you giving you positive energy and ideas all the time. This Blue Lacy likes nothing better then having her belly rubbed and will make access to her tummy very easy for anyone who would like to give a scratch.