• DIY Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life
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Here are some ideas for diy gifts for the dog lover in your life.

DIY Dog Leash Station

photo frame


How To: Get a picture of their pup! You know there is like a mil on Facebook, you can just snag it from there. Then hot glue mini bones on a picture frame. Spray paint the color you want. Gold or Sliver go with just about everything. Add a hook for the leash. Maybe draw in some paws like the picture above. And smiles all around

DIY Framed Paw Print

framed paw print

How To: You will have to be sneaky about this one! But it’s so simple! Just dip the furry one’s paw in some paint then stamp it on paper. When it dries write their name, then frame it. Don’t forget to clean the evidence away!

DIY Personalized Photo Frame

personalized photo frame

How To: Get a frame then, hot glue their name on it. Block letters of all sizes can be found at craft stores. If you cant find a mini version of the dog in question then a paw print would be cute too.

DIY Treat in a Jar

treat in a jar

How To: Simple just put your favorite dry dog treat ingredients in a jar. Add a cute cookie cutter and a print out of the recipe. The link above has all you need to make this exact one!

DIY Toy Octopus

toy octopus

How To: Take a sock, stuff with fabric scraps, plastic bags or even a tennis ball. Sew shut or tie a knot if you don’t sew. Cut bottom of sock into legs. Ta-Da. I would skip the eyes or draw them with sharpie!


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